Why Windmill Lodges is Ideal for a Father’s Day Treat

Suffolk Hot Tub Holiday - How to Celebrate Father’s Day

One way to treat your father, husband, or grandfather on Father’s Day this year is to book him a break at Windmill Lodges, where he can relax and enjoy a Suffolk hot tub holiday. Here we look at the origins of Father’s Day, how it has developed over the years, and how it’s celebrated in different countries.

The History

The most widely accepted date in most countries is the third Sunday in June. This year it will be on Sunday, June 18.

The first Father’s Day service was held in Virginia in the USA in 1908, when a local community wanted to honour the 362 men who were killed in a mining accident. However, this was only for that State.

The following year a woman called Sonora Smart Dodd, upset that there was a Mother’s Day but nothing for the men, organised a service in honour of her late father, an American Civil War veteran who had brought up the family of five children (including Sonora) after his wife died in childbirth.  Gradually it spread from Washington State to other states and from there to other countries around the world.

It’s Not Always in June

However, not every country marks the occasion on the third Sunday in June. In many predominantly Catholic countries, particularly Spain, Italy and Croatia, it’s celebrated on March 19, which is also St Joseph’s Day, who was the husband of the Mary and Jesus’s father.

There are other dates too:

  • In Russia it’s February 23, the date of a mass draft into the Army in 1918 (where it is known as Defender of the Fatherland Day).
  • Kazakhstan call it the same thing but celebrates it on May 7.
  • In Bulgaria, it’s on Boxing Day (26 December).
  • In Germany, it’s on Ascension Day (the Thursday 40 days after Easter).
  • In Brazil, it’s the second Sunday in August, in honour of St Joachim, the patron saint of fathers.
  • In Australia and New Zealand it’s the first Sunday in September, which coincides with the countries’ first Spring Sunday.

There Are Different Ways of Celebrating It Too

In many Western cultures, particularly in Europe, it is celebrated with gifts such as cards, socks, ties, wallets and other ‘masculine’ presents. In Japan, children sometimes give flowers, sweets and beer glasses to their fathers, while in Brazil and Mexico it is celebrated with family feasts and barbecues.

In Germany, beer forms a large part of the celebrations, where groups of men pull wagons of beer and food on a hiking tour. Unsurprisingly, the following day (a Friday) is usually a holiday as well, meaning that everyone involved has a full three days to recover. Fathers Day is not a public holiday in most of these countries, though.

Suffolk Hot Tub Holidays at Windmill Lodges

If you are looking for a different and special way to mark Father’s Day this year, then why not book one of our log cabin weekend breaks? Your father (or male relative) will be able to relax in their own private hot tub, which is an ideal way to recharge their batteries.

There’s plenty of places to eat out locally too, or you can cook your own meal on site. All of our lodges have fully fitted kitchens with full-sized cookers, microwaves, dishwashers and fridges. You can have a barbecue as well, as there are stands on the lodge verandas.

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