Enjoying a Healthy Holiday at Windmill Lodges

Health holiday East Anglia – The swimming pool at Windmill Lodges

Any holiday can be good for you. They allow you to take time away from your usual day-to-day pressures and to spend time with family and friends. However, you can improve your physical and mental well-being even more by staying active while you are on your break. Here are a four reasons why you can enjoy a particularly healthy holiday at Windmill Lodges in Suffolk. 

The Swimming Pool is Back!

We are pleased to announce that, after a gap of several years, our swimming pool is open again. It has been refurbished and is fully covered so that you can use it whatever the weather.

Swimming is good for you – don’t just take our word for it. The NHS website says regular dips in the pool can help you lose weight, and improve your flexibility, strength and mobility. It’s also better for you than a lot of other sports, where you can favour one side or part of the body over another. With swimming, all sets of muscles are used and developed equally.

Our pool, which you can learn more about on this page, will be open until September 29 this year. Going forward, it will be open from the end of May until the end of September each year.

There’s Other Sports to Try Too

We have also added a couple of other items to our communal building, The Hut, (which is also home to our laundry facilities and tourist information). If you want to have fun and keep fit, then in the summer months, we have Swingball and badminton racquets available to borrow as well. For more information follow this link.

Going for a Walk (or a Bike Ride)

Walking, too, is good for you. The NHS says even a brisk 10-minute walk can count towards your recommended minimum of 150 minutes a week. It will help you stay active, burn excess calories and improve your heart health.

Fortunately, at Windmill Lodges there are plenty of walks and hiking trails close by. The nearer ones include Framlingham Mere nature reserve, right next to the castle, and (even closer) Saxtead Green in our home village.

Further afield you could go for a stroll in The Suffolk Coast and Heaths region, which is a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. There are also designated trails in Rendlesham and Tunstall Forests, both in Suffolk.

For more information about walking in the county read our previous blog post here.

Don’t Forget the Benefits of Your Own Private Hot Tub

By coming to us you’ll have exclusive use of your own private hot tub. So, no need to book it or worry about someone else using it.

There are plenty of health benefits to having your own hot tub too. These include pain relief (the Healthline website says they can relax tense muscles, joints and tendons), stress relief, and better cardiovascular health. It can also improve sleep quality, particularly among older adults. And, of course, like swimming, it is great for relaxing and having fun.

Healthy Holidays in Suffolk at Windmill Lodges

If you are interested in staying with us (there’s no obligation to take lots of exercise when you’re here – you can do as little or as much as you want) you can contact us by following this link and filling in the online form. You can also call us on 01728 685338 – office hours are 9 am-5 pm Mondays and Fridays, or between 9 am-12 noon on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Alternatively, you can also check our lodge availability by going to our ‘Lodges at a Glance’ page and clicking on any of the lodge names. Remember all the lodges are fully equipped, so you’ll be able to enjoy either a 4 star or 5 star log cabin holiday, depending on which one you opt for.